Arkansas Advocates for Parental Equality

About Us


Arkansas Advocates for Parental Equality is an organization composed of parents and citizens of Arkansas who are dedicated to the ideals of parental equality and shared parenting. We recognize that all of us - children, mothers, fathers, and grandparents - are adversely affected by the current family legal system. Children do best when they have meaningful contact with both parents after divorce or separation. We seek to preserve the natural rights of parents and children by allowing equal rights and access for parents, regardless of gender or marital status. Ultimately, we must protect our children from the disastrous effects of parental alienation. 

Many of us have personally experienced the adverse effects of our flawed family legal system. This includes being denied equal custody, being alienated by the custodial parent, being discriminated against based on gender, or even having our children given up for adoption without our knowledge or consent. Although wrong, unfair, and in some cases morally reprehensible, the unfortunate fact is that these events are legal under Arkansas law. In the end, our children suffer the most and bear lasting physical and emotional effects. Our adversarial laws and courts have made this a battle of "us versus them" when the truth is it is a battle for all of us, including our children. Our goal is to enact change in our family legal system by providing a unified public voice and working with our legislators to bring equality to our state.

Our courts and lawyers pit one parent against the other, all the while, the children are caught in the middle. Our goal is to change the fundamental nature of the family legal system by working positively with our legislators. We have formed strong relationships with several lawmakers in our state and continue to form more. We also have relationships with other national shared parenting organizations and activists. By working together, we can bring real solutions to the problems within the Arkansas family legal system. Promoting and supporting parental equality is not enough - we are here to achieve it.

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